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New Year, New Home: Why Selling Before January Makes Sense!

As the year draws to a close, you may be wondering whether you should sell your home now or wait until January. 

We get it. December is filled with last-minute shopping, get-togethers, and errands. However, while postponing a home sale until after the holidays might seem tempting, don’t! Here are three compelling reasons to make your move before the new year.

Get a Jump on Other Sellers

In the residential real estate market, homeowners tend to delay listing their homes towards the end of the year due to holiday-related stress. This provides you with an opportunity to gain an advantage. Selling now allows you to stay ahead of the competition. Work with a Surterre agent today to ensure your home hits the market before your neighbors’!

Exposure to Eager Buyers

While the supply of homes for sale has increased compared to the previous year, it remains relatively low. This implies a shortage of available homes on the market. Some buyers might postpone their plans until January, but others will have pressing reasons to move. These motivated buyers will remain active during the year’s final months. According to Investopedia, anyone shopping for a new home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is likely a serious buyer. Listing your home during this time can lead to a quicker sale due to the presence of committed buyers.

Leverage Equity for Your Move

Today’s homeowners possess record levels of equity. The average equity per mortgage holder is nearly $290,000, as reported by CoreLogic. This substantial equity could potentially cover a significant portion, if not all, of the down payment on your dream home.

In conclusion, as you contemplate selling your home before year-end, consider the initial reasons that prompted your desire to move. Are you seeking a better-suited location? A more spacious environment for your family? A new spot to accommodate changing needs? No matter the reason, your local Surterre real estate agent can help determine your home equity’s value and how to utilize it effectively to facilitate your move. Reach out today at, (949) 478-3774 to get started.


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New Year, New Home: Why Selling Before January Makes Sense! HOMES AND CONDOS FOR SALE