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Why Surterre? Surterre is an intentionally designed the company to best serve clients and agents through a true team approach that — unlike other brokerages — encourages collaboration and the sharing of information. In fact, it is estimated that Surterre conducts more in-house transactions than any other firm in the market at 30%. As a result, Surterre agents expedite the home buying and selling process for their clients, giving them access to off-market properties and achieving best-in-market pricing. To date, Surterre Properties has achieved over $28.5 billion in sales and helped countless people find the perfect place to call home.



Mimi is a native southern Californian, a UCLA graduate, and has been a licensed Realtor since 2005. Mimi is a consummate professional, being a Real Estate for 18 years, she is now considered an expert in her field having closed millions in transactions over the years. Mimi’s Prior experience in Fortune 25 to Fortune 500 companies, negotiating contracts for SMBs, has aligned for Mimi’s clients today; she expertly negotiates for her home sellers, buyers, investor, landlords and tenants effectively. Mimi wealth of knowledge and experience in Management and Contracts has helped Mimi achieve more successful results in representing her clientele. Mimi’s expertise gives her the competitive edge in OC’s and LA’s ever-evolving marketplace and in representing real estate transactions. Mimi’s hard work ethics, honesty, drive, and her genuine love for people; equates to impeccable customer focus and service. Her main goal today is to be the best in serving her clients, whether it’s buying, leasing or selling a home; Mimi will make sure to get her clients the best possible outcome and experience.

Madelyn Pittman


Madelyn is a trusted realtor specializing in the Newport Beach areas of OC where she lives. With a background in design and marketing, she holds a bachelors degree from Otis College of design. Madelyn is a true Orange County native, being Born in Laguna Beach, she loves getting out on the water, either on board or boat, or just going for a swim, as well as staying active by snowboarding, playing volleyball, going for hikes in new places, or going for motorcycle rides. She leads a holistic lifestyle and is interested in alternative medicines including breathwork, meditation, and yoga. She is the proud pup mom to an 8 year old mutt, Bambi, who enjoys chasing squirrels every morning on their daily walks. When not working, you can find her spending time with family and getting rad.

Louie Arevalo


Louie Arevalo is an accomplished entrepreneur and MBA with more than 20 years of experience in business development. Known as Campaigner Diplomat specializing in People Mastery, he has established a reputation for building relationships and team mentoring in building organizations.
Throughout his career, Louie has demonstrated a deep understanding of professional relationship building and a passion for helping and serving clients. He has successfully championed several upstarts in several industries, delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.
Louie’s professional experience spans across several industries, Bankruptcy Law, Marketing, and Home Remodeling and Contracting.
A lifelong learner, Louie stays up-to-date with the latest trends in real estate in various markets. He is committed to continuous professional growth and frequently engages in professional development activities, conferences, or industry associations.
As an entrepreneur Louie owns a percentage of a grocery store in Houston Texas, a small fleet of semi-trucks and rental properties in Texas.
Louie holds a BS in marketing, an MBA and is licensed by the DRE.
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Managing Partner

Molly O’Brien is a real estate agent in Newport Beach and Orange County with a passion for helping people find the perfect home, whether they’re buying or selling. She has a deep understanding of both the OC and LA market, and is skilled at negotiating on her client’s behalf. Molly also has a degree in design from FIDM, and has worked in interior design and social media managing at an enterprise level. She uses her eye for detail, sense of style, and expertise in social media marketing to help her client reach a wider audience. Molly is here to make the home buying or selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible.
She is confident that she can help her clients achieve their real estate goals for years to come! “I believe homes are truly an extension of the individual… it can be a life changing experience!

Rebecca Whithorn


Born and raised in the vibrant heart of Southern California, Rebecca is a real estate agent and former elementary teacher with a deep connection to the local community. Her education background, combined with her intimate knowledge of the area, makes her valuable asset in your home buying journey. As a native from Southern California, Rebecca possesses an innate understanding of the region’s neighborhoods, culture, and unique charms. Her knowledge goes beyond what you find in listings—it’s rooted in personal experience. Rebecca is a proud graduate from University of California, Irvine, with honors, which highlights her commitment to personal growth and intellectual excellence. Rebecca is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience. She takes the time to understand your unique needs and preferences and works diligently to make you with the perfect property. By choosing Rebecca, you are partnering with someone who combines a deep love for Southern California with an educational foundation that allows her to provide you with valuable insights and an unwavering dedication to your homeownership journey. Your dream home in this beautiful region is closer than you think.