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Unwrap Relaxation: OC & Coachella Valley’s Best Wellness Gift Ideas

Wellness gifts last longer than a sweater. Surprise your loved ones with self-care treats this year! 

From sound baths to luxurious manicures, there’s something on the list below for all the people on your holiday list. Santa would approve! Give the gift of starting the new year fresh and fabulous with these unique wellness ideas.

Facial · Facial Lounge, Corona del Mar + Costa Mesa

Get ready for a world of personalized pampering at Facial Lounge! Their treatments are perfect for all ages, from teens to seniors. Dive into soothing organic vegan facials, complete with ozone steam and cool cryo globes.

Hot Springs · Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Oasis, Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs’ mineral water is world-renowned for good reason. Azure Palm is Southern California’s exclusive spot for top-notch, clear, hot mineral spring water. Here, water bubbles up straight from Earth’s depths. It’s a toasty 174 degrees, packed with minerals that heal and restore. The secret? Hotter water means more minerals. And guess what? Azure Palm’s wells are the hottest around. Give the gift of heat and healing!

Mission Spa Escape Package · The Inn at the Mission, San Juan Capistrano

Picture this: a cozy adobe exterior, welcoming you for a blissful afternoon. It’s paradise! Discover gifting bliss with The Mission Spa Escape Package. Ideal for local lovebirds or visiting pals, this holiday treat is a mini-escape to the historic inn.

Sound Bath · The Integratron, Landers

Get ready for a sound journey unlike any other! Dive into deep relaxation and self-discovery just 20 miles north of Joshua Tree. The sound baths at The Integratron are not just sessions — they’re 60 minutes of sonic bliss. Imagine lying back in a resonant sound chamber. Quartz crystal bowls sing around you. Each tone aligns with your body’s chakras, feeding your nervous system with sonic nourishment. The result? Waves of tranquility, a mindful awakening, and total relaxation.

Low-Impact Workout Classes · Pure Barre, Various locations throughout OC

Wellness isn’t just spa days and retreats. It’s also about getting fit! Give the gift of Pure Barre OC: low-impact but oh-so-effective. You might not sweat buckets, but expect to shake! From beginners to strength pros, there’s a class for everyone on your list. And don’t forget those grip socks! Your friend will be barre-ready in no time.

Salt Cave · The Spa at Sec-he, Palm Springs

Welcome to the world of halotherapy at The Spa at Sec-he! Think of it as a spa day in a salt cave. Dry salt is heated, ground up, and whoosh! Into the air it goes, thanks to their fancy halogenerator. Breathe in these tiny salt particles. They’re like tiny cleaners for your lungs. Removing allergens and toxins? Check. Reducing inflammation? You bet. And there’s more for the lucky gift recipient! Skin loves the salt cave too. Salt works wonders on the epidermis during treatment.

Tea Ceremony · Village Tree Hut, Newport Beach

We call this tea with a twist! At the Village Tea Hut, it’s not just tea; it’s a meditative journey. During this silent ceremony, friend with find their inner calm. Connect, bond, and embrace nature. Tea, the “great connector” from China, brings all people together.

Turquoise Sage Mud Wrap · Estrella Spa, Palm Springs

Get wild with sage and lavender! This blend is purifying and calming. While wrapped in a warm mud mask, visitors receive a warm oil scalp massage. Bliss, right? And here’s the kicker: arnica extract. It’s Estrella Spa’s secret weapon for soothing those achy muscles and joints.

Luxe Manicure · La Belle Nail Spa, Costa Mesa

Everyone loves some nail magic at La Belle Nail Spa! Short or long? Square or pointed? Classic or glitter? The nail artists at La Belle can cater to anyone’s desires. Patrons are encouraged to add some pizzazz to their nails. Bold colors, funky patterns – dare to be different!

Trapeze Classes · Coachella Yoga, Palm Desert

At Coachella Yoga, the trapeze is your new best friend! In these classes, traditional poses meet acrobatics. It’s yoga, but way more fun. The trapeze boosts strength and keeps you aligned. Hang tight for a workout that’s both fun and challenging! Your gift recipients will thank you. And whether they’re a newbie or yoga pro, everyone’s welcome!

Float Therapy · Urban Float, San Juan Capistrano

Urban Float is wellness, but not as you know it. Dive into a private saltwater orb that’s like a mini ocean just for you. Thanks to the salty magic, guests float without a care. Their busy brains get to take a break too. But here’s the best part: you’re not just floating. You’re soaking up health perks! Less anxiety. Better sleep. Total relaxation. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Don’t forget to add in a special self-care treat for yourself this holiday season! Ready to explore these spots and more in vibrant Southern California? Visit today and connect with our real estate specialists for an expert guide to local living.


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