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Investing Insights: How Changes to the 1031 Exchange Could Affect You

The 1031 exchange represents a critical aspect of real estate investing. It’s a tax-saving gem for your portfolio. However, things may be changing.

Let’s dive deeper into 1031 exchanges. They allow you to swap one investment property for another without immediately paying taxes on any gains. Yet, with potential legislative changes on the horizon, it’s crucial to understand the evolving landscape and how it might impact your investment strategy. Keep reading to find out more.

1031 Exchange: The Basics

The 1031 exchange is a favorite tool among investors. In short, it lets you swap properties without immediate tax bills. This move is all thanks to Section 1031 of the U.S. tax code. However, whispers of change are in the air. Let’s unpack this.

How It Works Now

Right now, the 1031 exchange lets you delay capital gains taxes. Basically, you sell one property and buy another. The catch? Both must be similar, or “like-kind.” This deferral could go on forever, as long as you keep swapping.

What’s Changing

President Biden has plans to tweak this. He wants to cap or even remove these tax breaks. The idea? Close tax loopholes benefiting the wealthy. These changes could kick in as soon as this year.

Why It Matters

The removal of Section 1031 could ripple across the economy. It’s not just about taxes; entire industries rely on these exchanges. Think real estate pros, lawyers, and more. According to Ernst & Young, these folks helped rake in $7.8 billion in tax revenue in 2021. Without Section 1031, jobs could vanish, and the real estate market might wobble.

The Bigger Picture

Nearly 17% of the U.S. economy hinges on real estate. Limiting 1031 exchanges could shake this up. Prices might shift. Rentals could get pricier. The whole economy could feel the impact!

The Outlook

So far, Congress hasn’t bitten. The real estate world is watching closely, ready to defend this century-old strategy. The consensus? The 1031 exchange benefits more than just the rich. It’s a critical piece of the real estate puzzle.

In summary, change is looming for the 1031 exchange. It’s a complex but crucial topic for investors. Understanding these shifts is key to navigating the market. Curious about how this could affect you? Reach out. Our Surterre specialists are here to guide you through these changes. Visit for expert advice and insights. Let’s navigate these changes together.


Investing Insights: How Changes to the 1031 Exchange Could Affect You HOMES AND CONDOS FOR SALE